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Sunday, April 29th, 2018 from 10am – 2pm

I Can Volunteer


Our event volunteer set update is always the Thursday BEFORE our SHOP DAY.  Check our Upcoming Events tab for all our future dates.  Come anytime after 9:00am and help us sort all our donated items by size and by gender.  Signing up is suggested by not required.

Please keep this in mind:  It’s rather difficult to say what time we will be finished due to the fact that its impossible to predict how many volunteers will show up, or how much donations we will receive.  So we never know when we will be done.  We strongly suggest that if you are planning on volunteering in the afternoon, please call or text (509) 944-5620 or email us at spokane@godscloset.com to make sure we are still around!!!

There are benefits to being a God’s Closet Volunteer:

  • Reach out to your area community!
  • Shop first
  • No need to stand in line
  • Volunteer in the morning or in the afternoon – its your choice, just let us know your preference

 RULES FOR VOLUNTEERING: We have a few rules, that as a volunteer, we would highly appreciate if you respected. 

1.-You are welcomed to shop AFTER you are finished volunteering.  If while you are sorting donations, you find something you would like to keep for yourself, you are welcome to set it aside.  However, we would not appreciate it, if you came to ‘volunteer’ but ended up shopping instead.  That’s unacceptable and will not be allowed.

2.-There is one hour minimum required for all volunteers. In order to be able to shop, volunteers must donate a minimum of one hour of their time.  You may stay and help for as long as you wish.

3.-We offer one bag of free children’s clothes per each hour worked to all volunteers -up to a maximum of 4 bags. We provide the bags.  You may bring your own, but they must be regular grocery shopping bags.  Any other large size bag(s) is unacceptable.

4.-Children are always welcome at GC however, we would prefer if you found childcare.  So much more gets done AND faster when our little ones are absent! Nevertheless if you are unable to, please still join us.  You will never be turned away.  We DO NOT provide childcare.  Children must be supervised AT ALL TIMES by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) while at God’s Closet.

5.-Please do not show up and begin to shop. That’s not appreciated.

6.-If you volunteer the day before unfortunately, you will not be able to return on our EVENT DAY to shop again.  We consider that double dipping! and that’s not cool with us :)

PLEASE REMEMBER EVERYONE is welcomed at God’s Closet.

We look forward to seeing many volunteers during each of our SET UP days.

We can’t do this alone.  So many thanks to each of you! YOU’RE essential in order for us to accomplish this ministry.

LAST but certainly not least!  Please don’t forget to bring a lunch if you are planning on staying past noon!  There may be times when we can offer lunch, but this might not necessarily occur each time so make sure to check for info on lunch on our Facebook page.

 Thanks for being a blessing to your community.

So…. don’t delay, sign up today!

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