Host a God’s Closet

If your church is looking for a ministry that will make a significant impact in your community, you should consider God’s Closet

While each God’s Closet chapter is run independently, everyone is part of the same mission. You can always visit this site to see what’s new, check out other chapters, or access resources. 

Pastoral and Board Approval
Running a God’s Closet chapter is a significant, continual commitment that requires support and participation from the congregation and its leadership. That is why a God’s Closet chapter cannot be registered without documented approval of the pastor and church board. 

If your church is not yet familiar with God’s Closet, there are plenty of materials available in the Resources section of this website that can enhance your presentation to the church board. 

Since God’s Closet is a major ministry, many churches create a board position for the director or designated representative to keep everyone apprised of the progress and needs of the ministry.

Registering Your Chapter
Once you have the approval of your pastor and your church board, complete your application. When the registration form is filled out and submitted, you will receive an email response confirming your submission. Once your pastor affirms that your church is committed to starting and operating a God’s Closet, your chapter will be activated. Active chapters receive a password to access specific resources that are available on this site.

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