It’s Not My Closet

“It’s not my closet, it’s God’s Closet.”

I say it often. Ok, I admit, it’s usually when someone wants me to speak up front at church to request volunteers for an upcoming event. I can be the most outgoing person and never meet a stranger but I CAN NOT talk from upfront from the pulpit.

I’ve got this crazy mid-life development of stage fright… I start sobbing when I speak about God’s Closet from up front. Soooo Usually my answer is – “It’s not Nicki’s Closet, God will bring the people.”

But I also repeat it to myself when I’m stressing …

Will we get enough good clothes?
Will we get enough volunteers?
Will we get people to come get the clothes?
Will we witness to anyone??

“It’s Not Nicki’s Closet – it’s God’s and He will bring the clothes, and the volunteers and the right people who need it. It’s ok. It’s going to all be ok, we just have to be willing to let Him take care of it.”

Yes I started up our chapter in our church, but I’m not alone in running it and it’s not my ministry.

Praise God! He provides what is needed.

And I get to watch and be a part of the blessing which is so cool!

So what’s my secret weapon to not having to get on stage and speak at church?? I’m glad you asked … I have two:

  1. My husband – I make him do all the public speaking because he’s really good at it!
  2. Video!!! Making short videos – makes a big impression that everyone remembers. I can make a very brief point and show the smiling faces we help. WIN WIN!

Bless you all for being God’s vessel and willing to care for His Ministry.

Written by: Nicki Williams

Nicki is the director of the Gods Closet ministry in Kernersville, NC. She is a mother of 4, and spends her days juggling chasing her youngest child and running a successful small business marketing business. She also is a co-founder of Living Remnant, a non-profit ministry dedicated to offering digital marketing and organizational support to other ministries.

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